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Steve - Shadow Mantra (Shadow Mantra Steve)

Steve Beale Shadow Mantra Steve @shadowmantra

Steve uses the Modern PAF pickups in his Dean Cadillac saying "I'm definitely impressed with them, they are much more open on the top end and have more bite too".


Go check out his music and website at:

Damian Rounding - Any Given Reason


Damian uses the Bonecrusher Humbuckers for his live performances with his band Any Given Reason, saying "I would recommend it to anyone looking for super clarity with high gain amps".

Go check out Any Given Reason at:

William Gladwell Robbie Gladwell Band @willtheplank

William Gladwell - The Robbie Gladwell Band

Will uses the Tibula P bass set in his fretless P-bass saying "They gave my previously anaemic sounding fretless so much tight and deep bottom end I seriously thought I blew a speaker!"


Go check out his music at:

Steve Kuykendall - Steve K. Band


Steve is a veteran musician hailing from North Dakota. He has a career spanning several decades, having won several competitions & supported acts such as Canned Heat, Lee Ann Womack & Chris Cain to name a few! He now uses Old Bones Custom Noiseless P90's in his Les Paul Jr.

Check out his music on:

Phil Benton False Hearts @philbenton27

Phil Benton - The False Hearts

Phil uses the Fibula J bass set in his main gigging guitar saying "every bit of detail I requested for the sound I'm after was met, and then some!".


Go check out their music and website at:

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