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How it started


Old Bones Pickups is a small bespoke pickup winding company based in the heart of Suffolk. It is owned and run by Sean Wilson (me!); I was originally trained as a registered nurse, and worked in major trauma and ITU nursing. My career was cut short by a spinal injury, and I found myself looking for other opportunities. During this time I became more and more interested in all things guitar.

As I recovered from my injury I undertook training as a guitar tech/servicer with Dr Robbie Gladwell, and spent a couple of years  learning many skills, and began assisting with repairs, rebuilds and various setups on all manner of stringed instrument. While there I began learning more about what makes a good pickup, and had the opportunity to see and hear many classic pickups, including original Gibson P.A.F's, Hofner staple pickups, and many vintage Fender pickups. From there I started learning how to wind pickups, and began repairing and rewinding pickups for Robbie, as well as experimenting with pickups for my own guitars. All of this has enabled me to start exploring the tones that I like, and start bringing my ideas to life via my own builds. And so, Old Bones Pickups was born!

Old Bones Pickups winder
Old Bones Pickups Bonecaster Classic telecaster pickup
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